Your One-Click Solution for More Leads

What if there was a way to share all your details, capture more leads, and do it with the click of a button? Now there is – with Lead Card.

What Is A Lead Card?

Picture this…

You meet someone for the first time and you find out she’s looking for a product or service your business provides.

Instead of handing her your business card (which is easily lost or misplaced), you click an icon on your phone & open up your Lead Card.

With one click, she can scan your QR code and now she has all the information about you AND your business.

Want an easy way to add your contact details to a client’s phone? Just click ‘Add Contact’ – it’s that easy.

Try it out below….

Add to Contacts

One Lead Card, Four Powerful Tools

Digital Business Card

Share your info, link to any URL, and add your contact details with a single click.

Lead Generation

Includes a built-in contact form & online booking to turn a contact into a lead.

Referral Network

Your Lead Card contains your referral network, making it easy to send business their way with one click.

Landing Page

Your Lead Card also acts as a landing page for your business – one that can be shared with a single click.

Benefits of Lead Card

Easily Share Your Lead Card

Enjoy a quick, easy way to share all your contact details and information about your business.

No App Required

No need to download an app to use Lead Card. It works with any browser, on any device.

It's Always With You

It's easy to add your Lead Card link as an icon on your phone, giving you instant access anytime.

It's Always Up-To-Date

We offer unlimited updates, so if your details change, your customers will always see your most up-to-date information.

Your Network…In One Place

Let’s say you’re a realtor and the seller you represent asks you if you know a good home stager you could recommend.

In the past, you’d have to look through your phone to find that referral partner’s details – or worse, search through a pile of business cards.

Not anymore!

With Lead Card, your entire referral network is in one place. Share your Lead Card and your clients will have access to them all.

Get More Leads...With ONE Click