Lead Card Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lead Card?

Think of a Lead Card as a digital business card - on steroids. Your Lead Card is the central hub of your business information & referral partners. With a single click, you can share your Lead Card with both prospective customers & current ones.

How do I share my Lead Card?

In person, just click the 'Share Card' button and have your prospect scan the code. Now they have your Lead Card on their phone.

In addition, you can add your Lead Card link or customized QR Code in your email signature, as well as print out your QR Code and display it in your office, store, or on social media.

How can I use my Lead Card?

There are several ways to use your Lead Card. First, we show you how to create an icon on your phone’s home screen so you’ll always have instant access.

When you meet a prospective customer, share your Lead Card with them - it only takes one click. They will now have all of your contact details, access to your website, Google My Business profile, service area. They can request directions from your Lead Card, as well as browse all your referral partners.

What if I need an update?

You get unlimited updates to your Lead Card. If you need to change some of your contact details or add new referral partners - all it takes is one email to make the change.

How will this get me more leads?

Have you ever been out and about and met someone that would be the perfect prospective customer, but your business cards are at the office?

With Lead Card, it’s always with you (as long as you have your phone). With one click, you can share your Lead Card with prospective customers, allowing them to see what you offer, read your reviews, get directions to your office or store, schedule a call, and have many different ways to reach out.

Best of all, when they’re happy with your work - they tend to share your Lead Card with others - bringing you even more leads.

Do I need an app to use Lead Card?

That's the great thing about Lead Card, it works on every device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

And you or your prospective client don't need to download an app - it works on every browser. Just have them scan your QR Code and they have your Lead Card on their phone.

Do you provide instructions?

Once we’ve built your custom Lead Card, we’ll provide you with a short instructional video so you can start using your Lead Card right away. Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy - using a Lead Card is super easy (we made it that way!)

How often can I share my Lead Card?

We put no limits on the number of scans. Unlimited access, unlimited use, & unlimited scans of your custom QR Code.

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