How Lead Card Works

4-in-1 Solution

Lead Card offers an easy, modern way to share your contact information and business details.

Your Lead Card is interactive, cost-effective, and always with you – something a physical business card just CAN’T do.

Share with one click, no app required, and works on every device. Plus, you get four solutions from one Lead Card:


Digital Business Card


Lead Generation


Share your Referral Network


Landing Page

How Lead Card Works

Lead Card is very easy to use.

Once your customized Lead Card is built, you’ll receive a link. Open up that link in your phone’s browser and add that link to your homescreen (we show you how to do this – it’s easy).

When you want to share your Lead Card, just click the icon on your phone and allow your prospect to scan your unique QR Code.

That’s it – they now have your Lead Card on their phone…along with all your contact details & business information.

Share your Lead Card – anywhere, to anyone

No app required to share your Lead Card. It works on any device. Here are a few ways to share:

  • QR Code
  • Email
  • Text
  • Social Media
  • Email Signature
  • Link Sharing

What About Updates?

Updates are a breeze with Lead Card

Unlimited Updates

Need to update your Lead Card? No problem – once we update it, every Lead Card you gave out will update with your new details.

No More Reordering

No need to go through ordering and shipping new cards.

Unlimited Sharing

Share your Lead Card with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Get More Leads...With ONE Click